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Offers And Clicks Huge Purchase Contest 2020
Published on Aug 11th, 2020 05:52 pm

Hello everyone, how is it going? I hope your all staying safe as we are doing our best to stay safe. We all have been hurting and struggle from this experience with the #Covid19 #pandemic. So, we here at Peetree Ad Network/Rust Of All Trades would like to try and do as much as well can. So Peetree Ad Network PTC/GPT websites (Offers And Clicks, Atomic PTC, Epic PTC and Biotech Simulation Clicks) are going to each run a huge purchase contest to increase income, more ads to view and I’m really hoping more activity. And while this is going on I will be doing other small contest as well to create more activity as well. I will be adding a points system into the sites soon in order to create more fun things on the site and contests. Now the other reason I’m doing this big purchase contests is to increase available ads for members to click and since right now I’m in the process of renewing my business license. I’ve been kind of waiting as well as I might have a partner in the business so this contest will help it look better for the business if they get involved. They might not as I want dependable people involved. Plus, I have also launched another service called Technical Support By Support ticket and I want to be able to give free tech support to low income senior citizens and people with disabilities. Everyone else current Covid19 tech support by support ticket deals $30 per ticket and 1 year subscription pricing $65 unlimited support tickets. Currently offering free MS Office Pro Plus with support ticket. We know Windows, Android, Linux, can do Mac and Apple devices. So, I might juts renew my license regardless. Anyways, Offers And Clicks, Atomic PTC and Epic PTC will all have their purchase contests end when each site reaches $3,000.  First prize for each of those site’s is $300, 2nd place $200 and third place will get $100.
Biotech Simulation Clicks’ purchase contest will once $1000 goal is reached. First place will get $100 second place $50 and third place will get $25. All winnings will be added into account’s cash balance in which you can do what you will with either cash out or use for advertising. FYI contest is only valid for members who have accounts on each and every site you want to be counted for the purchase contest(s).


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We are changing our forum system, AirTm added to sites and fully accepted through Us
Published on Feb 27th, 2020 11:03 pm

We are changing our forum system, AirTm added to sites and fully accepted through Us

Hello everyone sorry if it seems like I’m not all that active in the site, but the fact is I am but I also work at another job full time and run quite a few websites. I’ve been a one-man team on this thing for a while. I’ve been busting me behind as my goal for this year is start getting to the point to not be working for anyone else. So as I’m still working on fully integrating Skrill in to the system you guys are going to have to order through our support ticket system for the time being and all commissions will be add manually to your uplines. Payouts available through Skrill. We have now also have added or in the process of add AirTm to our systems as well both purchases and payout can be done with the payment processor once fully integrated. Paypal has been enable from my understanding for the sites so no support ticket needed for the moment. The reason is for this year 1% of all purchases are going to charities of our choice for the whole year. At the moment I’m working a pet’s thing for our local are home office. This goes for all purchasing options we accept. Also, we never keep balances in our accounts all money is transferred into our business bank account so you know your orders are for the most part safe. As you never know just note that I and any team I hire will so the best we can.

Second piece of info is I’m switching the forums for all sites over to our boards are closer to the bottom with all of my network websites and now we have a forum for my traffic exchange Rutakus Pixel TE. The reason for this is to make it easier to maintain all sites in one forum. Plus, I like the SMF (simple machines forum) system. Site forums will be open for the next couple of weeks as I have a splash page design I need to finish up for the promo tools on the traffic exchange and get my new PTC site opened up that will have low payout and cheap advertising.

So everyone don’t forget my network is Peetree Ad Network: and all of our websites are listed on this page. Thanks for reading

Updates, Paypal, and Randomness
Published on Sep 21st, 2019 12:12 pm

Hello all you wonderful members of our network, i.e. Atomic PTC, Epic PTC, OffersAndClick, Rutakus Pixel TE and Team JR pixel ads site. I know it doesn’t look like ma lot of activity on the site but I’m on everyday in the background and backing up the sites. But I’ve been super busy with my other job as the holiday season comes closer. I’m also in the process of getting a loan for my house which is all our office location for PeeTree Ad Network sites ( So as you can see I’m super busy but as soon as things start coming to a close for this house I can start putting a little b it more focus on the sites as well like getting the web layouts/designs done for the each site so they look different and more appealing.

So, the first thing I would like to address and it’s a very hard decision but for right now this is until we know for sure PayPal isn’t going to be stupid. So for now on until we change it otherwise PayPal purchased are disable for Atomic PTC, Epic PTC, & Offers And Clicks. You can still add balance to your accounts but you MUST open a support ticket and we will create an invoice for you. Our refund policy is the same as before see terms of service if you forgot. The biggest reason for this is sites like these PayPal is being very stupid with online earning sites which as some of you who have been doing this for awhile now know a lot of honest business owners or individual people. Though scammers don’t help the situation still there is no excuse for PayPal to freeze and steal people’s money without and reason. The second reason is to prevent return fraud or fraud type transactions as it has become a problem for a lot businesses. We are still going keeping PayPal as withdraw option though we are no longer going to keep a balance in Paypal as much as we can. Funds are from now on transferred to our business bank account for purposes of being able to make more payout options available and to prevent as much of an lose of money if a processor decided to not give us our money. Rutakus Pixel TE will still have PayPal for purchase for the time being until I can add different options to the site, then Rutakus Pixel TE will follow the same rules as Atomic PTC and so on. Team JR pixel site’s ( PayPal is fully functional. We are also going to offering more options for purchasing outside the norms of our sites. We currently working on adding AirTm for a payment processor and payout option and hopefully soon Skrill. I have a personal Skrill account but that is not going to work with our system. 

Another small bit of news is I’m going to start cleaning out the unverified accounts from the system as they are wasting resources that could be used for active serious earners/users. Users just as any other deleted account can always be restored if not terms of service were violated.

Either way as I’m currently a one-man team here at the moment with big idea and I’m doing the best I can to get things rolling with this being said. I will be having a new staff member here soon to help out as we start to grow. I’m also slowly working on bringing in more advertisers to give you guys more earning options be either way you guys will earn and be paid. Thanks for reading You guys have an awesome day.

Script Updated
Published on Aug 09th, 2019 07:26 am

Script Update will be coming on Monday
Published on Aug 03rd, 2019 11:11 pm

This is more or less to let yoiu guys know an script update will be coming on Monday for all the ptc sites and script will be install one by one so there will be some down time during the beginnging of the week.

Peetree Ad Network News 6-26-2019 (Video news)
Published on Jun 28th, 2019 07:06 am

Peetree Ad Network News 6-26-2019 part

Peetree Ad Network News 6-26-2019 part 2

Thanks for watching

Purchase Balance Bogo (Video News) PeeTree Ad Network
Published on Jun 12th, 2019 06:32 pm

Hello Everyone thanks for being awesome members if the site and/or our network. I'm trying out video news LOL See below

Still in the process of a Server Move
Published on Apr 22nd, 2019 07:06 am

This is more or less to let you guys know that we are still in the process of a server move. I had to move Offers over to one of our older eervers until we fiiox our configuration issue on the new server. This being said we are probably going to have issues with the fixed ads until we move the site. Hopefully not but this is why we are moveing to a new host. Thanks for reading. I post an update once we are moved.

Some Network Updates, Bitcoin Payouts
Published on Apr 15th, 2019 07:49 am

Well hello members of my network of advertising sites together as one PeeTree Ad Network ( I know I haven’t posted anything lately and/or it doesn’t look like there is a whole lot going on. Well beside working another job while trying to make my ideas manifest into something awesome. PeeTree Ad Network which consist of Offers And Click(one site), Atomic PTC, Epic PTC, Rutakus Pixel TE, and pixel ads/ All are registered trades names under my company Rutakus/Rust of All Trades which is a kind of jack of all trade company that cares. We all have to survive. Also I’m disabled with multiple bulging discs in my spine so my business hires people with disabilities or limitations.

So first I want to discuss a bit an issue with Rutakus Pixel TE. As you guys know parts of the site are secure while others aren’t for reasons like surf in SSL doesn’t display non-secure site depending internet browser. Lately the entire site is secure and I can’t seem to get it to display in the frame. I’m still working on it but I will be moving servers/hosts soon as too many issues with loading and what not. But I’m in the process or making sure all my hosting/server are “green” and sustainable for our environment. I might even change the script as well. But that might change it just depends.

Now I’m also announcing we are offering payouts through Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies/alt-coins but I plan on only open that up once a month. I haven’t thought up a schedule for it yet but I think we might beta test this idea and how it can work. Payout will be what ever the minimum is set to on the site. Right now our paid to click sites are set to $10 and Rutakus Pixel I think set to $30 or $25. I’m in the process of getting Skrill set up for the sites. I have personal Skrill verified so I can accept payment there if you submit a support ticket but not ready for the site. I will be using coinbase mainly but also coinpayments. Either way Paypal will not be the only payout option.



Please make sure you open a support ticket if you have issues.

Thanks for reading

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Offers And Clicks offically registered as a tradename for my business
Published on Feb 08th, 2019 04:13 pm

Well I must say members of our PeeTree Ad Network sites I proud to announce that I have renewed and just received my updated business licenses for my company. Also I have registered PeeTree Ad Network, Atomic PTC, Epic PTC and Offer And Clicks as tradenames for my business. Rutakus Pixel has already been registered for a while. But here is a link to our business license on our secure content delivery network site for our company: